B6/B6 Slim - Clear Pocket Dashboard Inserts for Traveler's Notebooks/TN

  • $10.00

Includes: one clear pocket dashboard insert in B6/B6 Slim. Other sizes sold separately.

Available in several sizes. Please read carefully to ensure you purchase the correct size for your notebook cover. This insert will fit a standard size Traveler's Notebook, such as the ClassicJot I sell.

I hunted for months for a great solution to a not very readily available size pocket insert.  Finally, I found these really awesome  clear notebook covers that are a perfect fir for both the B6 Regular and B6 Slim size cover.  There is a full length pocket in both sides of the interior.  You could easily customize this with scrapbook paper to create a custom dashboard for your notebook.   In addition, there is also a smaller partial pocket on both sides to hold even more. AND these have a built in pen loop.  Very convenient.

This item is factory packaged. Very limited quantities because I wanted to confirm size before bringing in a larger order of them.  I have more on order so they will be restocked.

Size: B6 and B6 Slim
Open Dimensions:  9 x 7 inches
Close Dimensions:  4.5 x 7 inches

2 full height pockets, 2 partial pockets, 1 built in pen loop