CJ-01 - Black - ClassicJot/Standard - Leather Traveler's Notebook/Fauxdori/TN Planner Cover - MISFIT

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Welcome to the Island of Misfit JotBooks. Remember that items sell quickly during the sale and even if you add an item to your cart, it is possible that the item will sell to someone else before you have a chance to check out.

These items are being sold at a reduced price. Sometimes this is because they were deemed not quite up to the standards I set for my shop. Sometimes, they were studio experiments and prototypes that needed more polishing. Sometimes they are simply an item that has run its course and is now discontinued. Now, that being said, my standards are pretty high so these are still great and completely usable items. Please refer to the descriptions and photos to see why it hit the “misfits” bin and, hopefully, we can find some lovely homes to adopt these misfit items. Now is your chance to pick up a TN or accessory for an unbeatable deal!

All Misfit items are FINAL SALE. I have done my best to describe them accurately and to document any misfit traits to ensure people are informed before buying.

Item Description:

This Jotbook is a refillable “Traveler’s Notebook” style leather cover with 4 internal elastics. All covers are created with standard size inserts in mind and it is simple to find the inserts and paper that will suit your needs.

Unique features of JotBooks

* 2 elastic strands
* closure elastic hole is in the spine for a smooth writing experience
* Covers cut wide to accommodate multiple inserts (up to 6-8 inserts, depending on thickness)

Reason for Misfit: Original prototype test model for ClassicJot. Leather does have some scuffs as it was carried by me for a time to test.   This size was not released as it is narrower than the template I decided on.  It still fits Midori Standard size inserts.  This leather was never released.  No grommets or corner rounding.


Original ClassicJot (Midori Standard)

Closed Dimensions:  8.5 x 5 inches
Flat Dimensions: 8.5 x 10 inches
Insert Size: 4.3 x 8.25 inches

What fits this size: Midori/Traveler's Company standard size (they offer a wide variety of inserts in this size)

Leather Description:

Black - thin, flexible factory dyed leather 

Includes: JotBook. Misfit Jotbooks do not include a dustbag. 

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