Earth Red (Vegan) - Inky Burrito Artist Tool Roll - PVC

  • $50.00


After months of designing, prototyping and testing - the Inky Burrito Artist Tool Roll is here!

This double sided tool roll is the perfect solution to your messy bag. On the surface it looks like a regular pen roll...but it is anything but! In the deeper side, you can stow all of your pens, pencils, markers, brushes and so forth. The shorter side holds the extras like erasers, pencil sharpeners - even small vials of inks and mediums. The top then folds over and snaps in place to secure everything as you roll it. A simple elastic closure means it will hold securely and keep all of your items secure no matter where you might take them!

But this is a tool roll with a special trick. if you fold it over backwards and then roll it - your tool roll becomes the perfect DESK CADDY! You don't need to keep it laid out flat on your work surface - it will stand right up!

Each tool roll is lovingly handstitched. The elastic closure allows for personalization with charms (also available in this shop)

Includes: One Inky Burrito. (Accessories shown are for demonstration only.)


Closed Dimensions (empty): 8.5x4 inches (approx)
Flat Dimensions - completely opened: 12x11 inches (approx):


Colour: Earth Red with a beige/gold pattern on it of overlapping ovals

Material description: Flexible Vinyl/PVC fabric. Material is vegan. It is very durable but is not expected to wear as well as leather.

Elastic colour: Black
Rivets: silver

Due to the handmade nature of this product - the spacing on the individual slots may vary slightly from roll to roll. I have done my best to standardize it, but I'm human and every detail has been crafted with my own hands. Also - when you first receive your Inky Burrito, it may feel stiff. This will relax as you use it and the leather slightly stretches.