TangleJot - Undyed Natural/Turquoise Cloud - Zentangle Tile Wallet

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This wallet is specially designed in conjunction with a CZT to hold the official Zentangle tile size of 3.5 x 3.5 inches (9 x 9 cm).  Two pockets will hold several tiles securely.  In the centre of the interior of the wallet is a pencil pocket especially sized for a small "golf-size" pencil and the double loop closure will hold your beloved Micron pen and keep the wallet securely closed

These wallets are limited edition and were created just in time for the 2018 TangleOn CZT Retreat.

This undyed wallet can be personalized by tangling it with a waterproof pigment pen.  Example in photos was tangled by CZT Laura Harms

Tiles and accessories not included. 


Closed Dimensions: 5 x 4.25 inches
Open Dimensions: 11 x 4.25 inches


Colour: Base leather is an undyed natural veg tan leather.  Pockets are in Turquoise Cloud.

Leather description: 4-5 oz natural veg tan leather with a smooth finish.  Turquoise cloud is a soft, flexible leather with a factory printed finish.

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